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Smoke'n Aces Poker follows TDA rules:

How it works

Smoke'n Aces Poker League plays live Texas Hold'm Tournaments at various venues such as bars. restaurants, etc. There is NO entry fee to play in live tournaments. The concept is very simple, as we don't have confusing parameters as some leagues. You don't have to win this tournament to qualify to that tournament in order to have a seat in that big tournament 6 months down the road. We keep it local, to your favorite watering hole, restaurant or hang out.

The league will consist of four (4) or (5) weeks of live tournaments, with each location hosting one(1) tournament each week. Each player will receive points according to what place they placed in the tournament, along with bonus points for winning the tournament or also placing in the top three(3). Along with various prizes for top finishers. At the end of the four (4) or five (5) weeks the top point leaders from each location will win a seat to the Main Event Tournament on the following Saturday hosted by one of the league venues to compete for cash prizes based on the following tiers per district:

These new tiers will go into effect beginning with the February 2024 tournaments.

If a district gets to 50 venues, we will split that into 2 districts to create a new district.

Players will be able to play at multiple locations, but points will not carry over from one location to the next. They will only count in that particular locations point standings.

Point system

Each player will be awarded One (1) point for every person that is eliminated before them. Example: 20 players. First player knocked out of tournament would receive Zero (0) points, the winner would receive 19 points. Bonus Points: 1st Place 20 pts. 2nd Place 15 pts. 3rd Place 10 pts.

Blinds & structures

Blind times are generally determined by the amount of time available to run each tournament, as well as the number of players in attendance. Tournament directors usually run 20 minute blinds. If the games are running too long, TD's can switch to 15 minute blinds after the first break.

Smoke'N Aces poker league rules:

These rules govern the operation of all players in any Smoke'n Aces Poker League sanctioned event.

  1. All events are FREE to enter. Chips have no cash value and are for play purposes only.
  2. Players receive League Points based on event finishes.
  3. Players must be at least 21 years of age.
  4. Players who do not follow the rules, will receive a verbal notice and then removed from the event if the behavior continues.
  5. No weapons of any kind are allowed at any Smoke'n Aces Poker League event.
  6. Excessive use of profane, obscene language, causing a disturbance by arguing, shouting, or making excessive noise is not allowed and those caught engaging in these acts will be subject to warnings and if needed - removal from the event.
  7. Throwing, tearing, bending, crumpling cards or chips is not allowed and those caught engaging in these acts will be subject to removal from the event.
  8. Gambling, cheating, stealing or placing currency on the poker table IS NOT allowed and those caught engaging in these acts will be immediately removed from tournament and or location.
  9. All Tournament Director decisions are final.
  10. Seating is assigned by a drawing of cards or numbered chips.
  11. At the beginning of the event, the dealer button will be placed at the first player position on the left side of the table. The person drawing the ace is the dealer.
  12. Chips must always remain on the poker tables, with the highest denomination chips clearly visible.
  13. Players who are away from the table for more than 20 minutes will be removed from the tournament.
  14. Dealers may fold your cards if you are not at the table when it's your turn to act.
  15. Dealers may fold your cards if you are on a cell phone when it's your turn to act.
  16. Announce bets or raises clearly. No string bets allowed. Do not splash the pot.
  17. An oversize chip bet is a call, unless previously declared a raise.
  18. Raises must be at least the amount of any previous raise (or bet) or blind, except when all-in.
  19. Players must show both of their cards to win a contested pot.
  20. Side pots will be used when necessary.
  21. If player 1 shows their live cards to player 2 (who is still in the hand) then player 1 must show everyone.
  22. If player 1 shows their live cards to player 2 (who has folded) then any player may request to see player 1's cards and player 1 must show their cards to requesting player(s), after the hand is complete.
  23. Blinds will be raised throughout the tournament according to the Blind Schedule. Players are obligated to pay all blinds in turn.
  24. Dead Button: If the player in the small blind is eliminated, the button moves to the empty seat. Players post blinds as normal.
  25. Dead Small Blind: If the player in the big blind is eliminated, the small blind is dead and only the big blind is posted.
  26. If two players are eliminated on the same hand, the player who started the hand with more chips is awarded the higher finish position. If they have the same number of chips, the player with the lesser hand will be eliminated first.
  27. Re-deal for the button when consolidating to the final table.
  28. When two players remain, the player due to assume the big blind does so. The player in the small blind gets the button and acts 1st prior to the flop & 2nd after the flop.
  29. Players must be a minimum of six feet away from all tables before smoking or vaping.
  30. Please treat your venue staff, Smoke'n Aces staff, fellow players and the game with respect.
  31. Players and TDs do not need to comment on the hands other people play. Please be respectful and enjoy the game without berating, commenting on or complaining about the hands other players play.

These rules are not all encompassing and depending on the situation, a player may be disqualified or suspended for behavior not specifically listed above.

Thanks and we'll see you at the tables!